What makes a good idea?

What is a good idea?

  • It has to stand out from the crowd (some doesn’t understand the fine line between inspiration and cloning).
  • Well researched and detailed in every form.
  • Something that piques people’s curiosity or even raise their eyebrows.
  • Well compared with other people’s ideas.

Idea generations

  • Take a theme and run with it- whenever you are asked to design something it’s good to have a theme in your mind, it allows your work to have direction and personality. If you were making an app don’t just think big buttons; give it a theme such as instruments: make your buttons and navigation actually keyboard keys etc. Little themes really splice up your design. For picking a theme I suggest using a wacky name generator or play a word association game.
  •  Brainstorming. The old tried and tested method of idea generation can be more than just a rubbish drawing of spiders and words. Get someone to help you when brainstorming to make the progress more entertaining. A pun game is a good start. Look at the stimuli and start making up puns: making a logo for a keychain company? A chain reaction can be easily triggered with a single word. That’s the power of the english language, puns. Use sticky notes and stick them on a board for this game.
  • Roleplay. No I do not mean the kind you see on many web chat rooms, by roleplay I mean standing in a potential client’s shoes. Do some research into an audience (documentaries, user surveys, even looking at the media aimed at them helps) or ask people who you know about it. Remember clients are humans if you do not show empathy or walk in their skin you’ll never make something that they like. If you are making an app for a child, roleplay as the child and try out some kid based apps.
  • Visualise everything. Get someone if not yourself to draw out everyone’s ideas; a picture is a much more effective stimulus than words scribbled on a page.
  • Relax. Sometimes when you lost something is better to go about your usual business rather than panickedly look for it; chances are it’ll pop up later. This is the same for ideas if you just relax the idea may just come to you (why do you think so many people have lightbulb moments in the bath?)

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